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  • QQ. What PC specifications do I need to run Vision WAVE?

  • QQ. Does it run on Mac OS?

  • QQ. Launcher is not executed.

  • QQ. Game is forced to end after the black screen appears and it does not run again.

  • QQ. Nothing happens after clicking Start.

  • QQ. How can I connect TV/Beam Projector?

  • QQ. I don’t hear any sound after connecting TV/Beam Projector.

  • QQ. Can I use Vision WAVE in an environment where the Internet is not accessible? (Offline mode)

  • QQ. Do WAVE products regular recharging?

  • QQ. WAVE Putt (putting mat) and WAVE Radar (radar sensor) are not connecting.

  • QQ. Wave Radar (radar sensor) and Smart Watch are not connecting.

  • QQ. Can I use WAVE Radar by connecting it to a smart watch only?

  • QQ. I have been using the device outdoors and the device is heated. Can I continue to use it?

  • QQ. Can I use it in rain?

  • QQ. Can I use the Internet and WAVE Skills app at the same time?

  • QQ. Can I use WAVE Skills without WAVE Radar?

  • QQ. Cannot see shot data generated in WAVE Skills.

  • QQ. Cannot see swing videos generated in WAVE Skills.

  • QQ. Can’t I use Vision WAVE software while using the Internet? I cannot play network plays.

  • QQ. If I don’t have an Internet connection, can I still use the additional Golf Course (CC) that comes with the paid products (e.g., Basic, Premium, etc.)?

  • QQ. There are issues when I used it on Windows 11.

  • QQ. Can I practice putting with WAVE Putt (putting mat) only without WAVE Radar?

  • QQ. Can I run Vision WAVE with WAVE Radar only without WAVE Putt (putting mat)?

  • QQ. I want to use E6 Connect Software.

  • QQ. I have both WAVE Play and WAVE. Can I use them together?