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  • QQ. Where can I buy WAVE Play?

  • QQ. Some package components were missing.

  • QQ. Who should I contact for product issues?

  • QQ. How many meters is the maximum connection between Dongle and Device clip?

  • QQ. Where can I ask for A/S service?

  • QQ. Dongle is not recognized.

  • QQ. Putting is not working well.

  • QQ. Ball flight quality (slice, hook, etc.) is not implemented.

  • QQ. What is Light Plan’?

  • QQ. What services are included in Light Plan?

  • QQ. What is Network Play composed of?

  • QQ. Where can I get my Score record, Win/Loss of Network Play?

  • QQ. How much is the Light Plan?

  • QQ. Until when is the discount promotion of Light Plan continuing?

  • QQ. Where can I pay for Light Plan?

  • QQ. Where can I get Light plan plan after subscribing to G-membership?