Where will you play today?

Set up your very own world-class golf simulator anywhere in minutes

Golfzon WAVE Play is a revolutionary, simple and inexpensive way to create an amazing golf simulator experience almost anywhere - without any golf equipment. All you need is the smart WAVE Play Club and accessories, a laptop or PC with the Vision WAVE app installed and you’re ready to play.

The unique WAVE Play Club is designed to feel like you’re playing for real, thanks to the built-in Magnetic Impact Ball that slides along the shaft as you swing, finishing with an impact sensation that mimics the feel of hitting a golf ball. You have to try it to believe it.

It’s easy to use too, first you choose your club and adjust your aim using the buttons, then when you’re ready, a laser helps you line-up your shot. Take your shot and the Gyro Sensor inside the club detects swing speed and trajectory, which is instantly translated by the Vision WAVE software into a real-time ball flight on the screen.

With a choice of 100 world-class golf courses on your Vision WAVE app, you can play Pebble Beach in your garden, Kiawah Island in your garage or St Andrews in your living room. For the best experience, connect to a large screen or TV to enjoy the stunning detail of the high-definition 3D virtual courses.

In Network mode you can compete one-on-one with other players around the world in a 3-hole challenge. And there’s a Practice Field mode to help you refine your skills whenever and wherever you want - the possibilities are endless.

Wave Play highlights

  • Unlimited play on over
    100 world-class courses.
  • Refine your skills anytime, anywhere in Practice Field mode.
  • Up to 6 players at any time.
  • Compete in the 3-hole challenge with golfers across the world in Network Mode.
  • Play in stunning high definition with Golfzon Vision, the world’s best simulator software.
  • Enjoy the realistic ball-impact feel of the revolutionary WAVE Play Club.

Wave Play Club

Built-in Gyro Sensor detects swing speed, trajectory and direction.
Magnetic Impact Ball adds an amazingly realistic ball-strike feel to your swing.
Captures every shot in detail from long drives to short putts.

Vision Wave Software

A dedicated WAVE version of our state-of-the-art Golfzon Vision
simulator software - quite simply the world’s most realistic virtual golf courses.

Install on your home PC or laptop.

Hardware Content

  • WAVE Play Club
  • Charging Cable
  • Aiming Pad
  • Safty Devices
    • Grip Band
    • Wrist Strap