Golfzon WAVE Brandstory

Revolutionize Your Golf Experience: Unleash the Power of WAVE,
the World's First Hybrid Sensor.

Golfzon, the unrivaled golf simulator and golf shot launch monitor company in South Korea,
faced limitations with its simulation sensing technology, which relied solely on camera sensors until 2022. These camera sensors were accurate but influenced by lighting conditions, making them unsuitable for outdoor use, and required separate setups for left-handed and right-handed golfers.

Determined to overcome these limitations, Golfzon embarked on five years of relentless research to develop WAVE, its proprietary radar sensor.
The soon-to-be-released WAVE is more cost-effective than Golfzon's traditional camera sensors, and its radar technology allows it to be used in various environments, including outdoors and on golf courses.
Golfzon's renowned Vision Software is integrated into WAVE, enabling more people to enjoy immersive golf rounds at a lower cost.
In addition, as the world's first hybrid sensor, WAVE combines the radar sensor with a separate infrared sensor-based putting mat to provide a seamless golfing experience.
This unique combination overcomes the putting sensing limitations typically associated with radar sensors.

Together with WAVE, the accompanying WAVE Skills mobile golf practice app supports both Android and iOS platforms, and offers an unparalleled 34 data parameters to help users improve their golf skills.
Furthermore, WAVE boasts compatibility with smartwatches like Apple Watch, enhancing its versatility.

Golfzon is excited to launch this groundbreaking product in the United States in June 2023, setting new standards and leading the market.
With high expectations and passion, Golfzon is ready to deliver a dream-like experience for golf enthusiasts through WAVE.

The world’s first dual-technology
launch monitor system and simulator system.

Improve your game and have fun anywhere, indoors or out, with the fully portable Golfzon WAVE launch monitor system.
Other launch monitors that use radar technology only use radar sensor, but Wave adopted Radar and IR technologies, which works well for long shots, but cannot detect putting shots accurately.
This is where Golfzon WAVE is unique; by combining dual technologies into two connected devices, it can precisely detect every shot from tee to flag.

The WAVE Radar launch monitor uses the latest Doppler Radar Technology to provide a wealth of data from long drives to short chips, Move to the you move to the WAVE Putt sensor which uses precision infrared technology, capable of accurately detecting the details of the most delicate putts, previously only seen in far more expensive equipment.

By working in tandem, two devices come together to create the Golfzon WAVE, the world’s first portable system that provides a wealth of data for every golf shot, for perfect practice analysis, and for playing for fun on incredibly realistic virtual golf courses.


Play world-class courses anywhere with Vision Wave.

Experience the world's most successful 18-hole golf game software, Golfzon Vision, now available on WAVE and WAVE Play.
Play like a pro with the ultimate virtual golf experience!

The Golfzon WAVE system includes a bespoke version of our ground-breaking VISION software that is at the heart of our very best simulators.

Golfers and professionals alike are amazed by the incredible high-definition recreations of world-famous golf courses, accurately recreated down to every individual tree.
With VISION WAVE, you have access to over 100 stunningly realistic world-class courses that every golfer would love to play.

So when you’ve finished practicing, gather some friends or family and tee off for some golfing fun anytime, anywhere, whatever the weather. With VISION WAVE, you can even test your skills against other golfers all over the world by competing in one-on-one 3-hole challenges in Network Mode.

For a great high-definition simulator experience, simply connect Golfzon WAVE to your PC or laptop by Wi-Fi and hook it up to a large screen or TV.
If you want the ultimate immersive setup, indoors or out, you can choose to buy the optional extra net, screen and projector - the quality is so good it’s like almost like you’re there.

Wave Skills App Spec

  • a. Title: Mobile Golf Practice Software for WAVE Users
  • b. Supported languages: English, Japanese, Korean
  • c. Required storage space: 500 MB or more
  • d. Available platforms: Android 7.0 or higher, iOS 11.0 or higher
  • e. Compatible devices: Smartphones and tablet PCs that support Android 7.0 or higher and iOS 11.0 or higher (Compatibility may vary for some devices.)
  • f. How to use: Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use.
  • g. Key features:
    • 1. Measurement, storage, and analysis of user's golf shots data (including video) measured through WAVE
    • 2. (A total of 34 data parameters provided)
    • 3. WAVE H/W firmware update
    • 4. Alignment function using WAVE device camera
    • 5. Simple 3D practice game
    • 6. WAVE Radar settings to connect to smartwatches

WAVE Skills App
Practice Makes Perfect

Golfzon WAVE is the perfect practice tool for golfers who are serious about improving their game.
The system captures a wealth of incredibly precise data from every shot, which is displayed instantly on the WAVE Skills app, so you can track your progress as you practice.
From driver to putter and every iron in-between, an incredible 34 parameters are recorded from both club and ball, unmatched by any other system in its class.

To see your data, simply connect Golfzon WAVE via Wi-Fi to your preferred device
(smart watch, mobile or tablet with the WAVE Skills app installed)
and you can review every shot in amazing detail with user-friendly graphics.

You can also record videos of your swing using the built-in camera or your mobile to review at any time. A perfect way to help you view your swing, shape your shots, adjust your stance, and ultimately lower your score.

WAVE Skills Data

Parameter name Parameter definition How to derive parameters WAVE Radar Parameters WAVE Putt Parameters
the number of parameters 26 8
Club Speed The speed of the club immediately after impact measurement O O
Attack Angle
(Angle of Attack)
The direction the club head moves at impact (up or down) measurement O
Club Path The direction the club face moves at impact measurement O
Dynamic Loft The amount of loft that appears on the club face at impact calculation O
Face Angle
(Face to Target)
The direction the clubface is pointing at the moment of impact calculation O
Spin Loft Dynamic Loft - Attack Angle calculation O
Face To Path Difference between face angle and club pass (based on whether a closed or open hit) calculation O
Ball Speed The speed of the ball immediately after impact measurement O O
Smash Factor
( Impact Ratio )
Ball speed / Swing Speed calculation O O
Launch Angle
(Vertical Launch Angle)
The angle at which the ball flies off the ground after impact measurement O
Launch Direction
(Horizontal Launch Angle)
direction of the ball measurement O O
Spin Rate
(Total Spin)
The amount of rotation of the ball after impact (RPM) calculation O
Spin Axis the angle of the axis of rotation of the ball calculation O
Back Spin Calculation of vertical rotation by analyzing Spin Rate and Spin Axis calculation O
Side Spin Calculation of horizontal rotation by analyzing Spin Rate and Spin Axis calculation O
Maximum height from the ground when flying the ball calculation O
( carry distance )
Distance from the ball flying in the air to landing calculation O
(total Distance)
The combined distance of carry and run calculation O O
Roll (Run) Rolled distance (Run) calculation O
Lateral Landing
The distance the ball lands on the side of the target line. calculation O
Land Angle
( Vertical Descent Angle )
The angle at which the ball approaches the landing area calculation O
Hang Time
(Flight Time)
Flight time from ball departure to fall calculation O
Backward Swing Speed Backward Swing Speed measurement O
Putting Total Time Measurement of the time from the point of the backswing to the point of impact measurement O
Tempo Club speed / Backward Swing Speed calculation O
Swing Plane
(Vertical Swing Plane)
Club head movement trajectory angle
(rear measurement)
measurement O
Swing Direction (Horizontal Swing Plane) Club head movement trajectory angle
(side measurement)
measurement O
Lower the vertical line from the place
where you landed in the firing direction and measure the vertical line.
calculation O
Shot Type (Straight 1 Fade 2 Draw 3 Push 4 Pull 5 Slice 6 Hook ) calculation O


This golf simulation product is easy to install anywhere, anytime, using any smart device.
This allows you to build your own high-quality golf simulator.

Can be played in a variety of ways, including radar sensors, stick golf simulators, and touch controls on your smart device.
This allows you to enjoy a top-notch virtual golf experience and play like a pro.

With high-quality design and detailed graphics, you'll be able to recreate the excitement of a real round and adjust the difficulty level by adjusting the field conditions.
You'll also be able to play world-famous golf courses in stunning 3D high-definition for a realistic golf experience.

After practicing, you can play golf with your friends and family anytime, anywhere, in any weather.
You can also test your skills against other golfers around the world in network mode.