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Golfzon WAVE

Golfzon WAVE is the only dual technology golf launch
monitor in the marketplace that combines a radar-based
launch monitor, with an infrared sensor putting mat, for the
ultimate indoor/outdoor golf experience

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Golfzon WAVE Play

Golfzon WAVE Play is the innovative, easily affordable way to create an amazing golf simulator in your own home.
From novice to expert golfer, everybody can enjoy playing on incredibly realistic recreations of world-famous golf courses.

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Golfzon WAVE
and WAVE Play

Vision WAVE Software
Vision WAVE Software

Golf simulator for PC

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WAVE Skills
WAVE Skills

Mobile monitoring app

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Golf simulator for Mobile

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E6 Connect
E6 Connect

E6 Software Compatibility

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The World’s Most Advanced
Golf Simulators.

We are excited to introduce our new innovative range of WAVE systems that proudly bear the Golfzon name.
Now you can experience incredible quality virtual golf for a fraction of the cost of high-end simulators.

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