Vision WAVE
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Experience world-class virtual golf with Golfzon Vision WAVE,
offering realistic 3D courses and global competition on any device.
*Compatible with both WAVE and WAVE Play

Vision WAVE Download Available on PC only
  1. WAVE SKills

    WAVE Skills

    WAVE Skills is a mobile app that displays
    detailed shot
    data and swing analysis for
    Golfzon WAVE users,
    enabling performance
    tracking and improvement.
    *Exclusive to WAVE

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  2. WAVE Watch

    WAVE Watch

    WAVE Watch app connects to
    your WAVE
    device via Bluetooth for instant shot results

    on your smartwatch, enhancing your golf
    experience. *Compatible with
    Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch 4,5

    WAVE Watch QR code
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  3. WAVE M

    WAVE M

    Vision WAVE's mobile version is

    set to launch in Q4 2023, offering support for both
    iOS and Android devices.
    *Compatible with
    both WAVE and WAVE Play

    WAVE M QR code
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  4. WAVE Arcade

    WAVE Arcade

    WAVE Arcade is a mobile app that offers

    6 innovative arcade games
    instead of
    traditional 18-hole play.
    *Compatible with
    both WAVE and WAVE Play

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