The World's First
Launch Monitor System
And Simulator System.

Improve your game and have fun anywhere, indoors or out, with the fully portable Golfzon WAVE launch monitor system.
Other launch monitors that use radar technology only use radar sensor, but Wave adopted Radar and IR technologies, which
works well for long shots, but cannot detect putting shots accurately.

This is where Golfzon WAVE is unique; by combining dual technologies into two connected devices,
it can precisely detect every shot from tee to flag.

  1. WAVE Radar
  2. WAVE Putt

WAVE Radar

The WAVE Radar launch monitor harnesses advanced Doppler Radar Technology,
delivering comprehensive data from soaring drives to delicate chips.


Launch Monitor System

The WAVE Radar launch monitor uses the latest Doppler Radar
Technology to provide 26 data parameters on all full swing shots you take.

  • 24GHz 3ch Radar
  • Simulator (PC, Mobile)
  • IPX3 Waterproof
  • Recordable Swing Motion
  • Battery 4 Hours Of Continuous Use
  • Club Path
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction


The WAVE Putt sensor, empowered by meticulous infrared technology,
captures the nuances of even the gentlest putts matching the precision of higher-priced gear.


Precision Putting

Combined with the 26 data points captured by tri-sensor
radar in the launch monitor, the multi-sensor infrared
putting mat allows you to analyze an additional 8 putting
specific parameters.

  • Putt Distance
  • Putter Speed
  • Putt Impact Ratio
  • Putting Tempo
  • Putt Direction
  • Putt Speed
  • Putter Backswing Speed
  • Total Putting Time